The first and only Aeronautical Library on the Internet

The complete Aeronautical Library is available
on the Internet only from AeroFlight Tech Data.

The original Aeronautical Library on CD-ROM

AeroFlight Tech Data was the first to offer an
Aeronautical Library on CD-ROM in 1991.

Fulfills the requirements of the Federal Aviation
Administration on either CD-ROM or the Internet

Now you have a choice!

CD-ROM Internet
or Both CD-ROM and Internet


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Third Generation
AeroFlight Tech Data

AD Compliance Software

Works from your choice of:

Internet - Access the latest AD database via an
Internet connection

CD-ROM - Access the AD database from CD-ROM

local disk drive - Access the AD database from a
hard drive on your computer.  (You must install the
database from the CD-ROM for this option.)

Easy to install:

Install from the Internet - Download the install
program from the web page to install the software.

Install from CD-ROM - Run the install program from
your CD-ROM to install the software and/or the

Maintains separate lists of ADs for the airframe and for
each engine, propeller, and appliance.

Maintains a list of all the AD compliance records for each
Airworthiness Directive.

Currently tested and fully compliant on:

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows NT 4.0

Windows 2000

Others have also used it on Windws ME and Windows XP.

For more information, documentation, or to install the software, go to


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